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    William Carroll

    Head of School
  • Profile Photo

    Marci Cawthon

    Middle School Director
  • Profile Photo

    Joye Goodwin

    Lower School Director
  • Profile Photo

    Kay Grier

    Director of Counseling and College Placement
  • Profile Photo

    Chip Champion

    Athletic Director
  • Profile Photo

    Kristina Taylor

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Profile Photo

    Danny Camp

  • Profile Photo

    Laura Medlin

    Director of Development
  • Profile Photo

    Mary Jane Kinnas

    Director of Admissions and Marketing

Faculty & Staff Directory

  Name Title Group
Joe Allen Allen, Joe Athletic Trainer
Jackie Almand Almand, Jackie College Placement Counselor
Holly Arnold Arnold, Holly Learning Specialist Faculty
Alisia Benavides Benavides, Alisia Instructor
Rashelle Benton Benton, Rashelle Teacher
Stephanie Black Black, Stephanie
Tina Bowker Bowker, Tina Instructor
Lane Briscoe Briscoe, Lane Stay at home mom
Wendy Bryan Bryan, Wendy Instructor Faculty
Danny Camp Camp, Danny Coach Administration, Adminstration
William Carroll Carroll, William Head of School Administration, Adminstration
Anna Caulley Caulley, Anna Instructor Faculty
Marci Cawthon Cawthon, Marci Middle School Director Administration, Adminstration
Media Center Center, Media
Chip Champion Champion, Chip Athletic Director Administration, Adminstration
Leigh Ann Champion Champion, Leigh Ann Instructor Faculty
Amber Churcher Churcher, Amber Instructor
Help Desk Desk, Help
Pam Ellis Ellis, Pam Cafeteria Manager
Gena Eubanks Eubanks, Gena Instructor Faculty
Patti Faircloth Faircloth, Patti Administrative Support Staff
Rhett Farmer Farmer, Rhett Instructor Faculty
Robert Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, Robert Coach Faculty
Ken Fowler Fowler, Ken Instructor Faculty
Julie Foy Foy, Julie Instructor
Susan Franklin Franklin, Susan Instructor
Mary Gentry Gentry, Mary Instructor
Lisa Gilliam Gilliam, Lisa Administrative Support Staff
Joye Goodwin Goodwin, Joye Lower School Director Administration, Adminstration
Christy Grantham Grantham, Christy Instructor
Melinda Gray Gray, Melinda Instructor Faculty
Patty Greene Greene, Patty Instructor Faculty
Shelley Greer Greer, Shelley Instructor Faculty
Kay Grier Grier, Kay Director of Counseling and College Placement Administration, Adminstration
April Holmes Holmes, April Media Center
Meghan Houston Houston, Meghan Teacher/Homemaker
Craig Howe Howe, Craig Instructor Faculty
Katie Hulsey Hulsey, Katie
Susan Isner Isner, Susan
Robert Jones Jones, Robert Instructor Faculty
Willis Jones Jones, Willis Instructor
Donna Kelham Kelham, Donna Instructor Faculty
Teresa Kersey Kersey, Teresa Teacher Aide Faculty
Mary Jane Kinnas Kinnas, Mary Jane Director of Admissions and Marketing Administration, Adminstration
Bruce Lane Lane, Bruce
Kollyn Lawson Lawson, Kollyn Instructor Faculty
Robin Leonard Leonard, Robin Instructor Faculty
Jarrod Lewis Lewis, Jarrod Teacher
Anthony Lunceford Lunceford, Anthony Principal
Lauren Mann Mann, Lauren Instructor Faculty
Nic McGehee McGehee, Nic Instructor Faculty
Angie McKinley McKinley, Angie Instructor Faculty
Judith McLure McLure, Judith Instructor Faculty
Laura Medlin Medlin, Laura Director of Development Administration, Adminstration
Matt Mellette Mellette, Matt Plant Manager
Tina Mickelson Mickelson, Tina Teacher/Homemaker
Christy Mooring Mooring, Christy Teacher
Mason Nelson Nelson, Mason Instructor Faculty
Lisa New New, Lisa Instructor Faculty
Cristi Parks Parks, Cristi Teacher Aide Faculty
Katherine Pfohl Pfohl, Katherine Director of Technology Faculty
Pam Pierce Pierce, Pam Instructor Faculty
Maria Pollock Pollock, Maria Instructor Faculty
Betsy Portman Portman, Betsy Teacher Aide
William Prestridge Prestridge, William Instructor Faculty
Karen Ray Ray, Karen Instructor Faculty
Shannon Reber Reber, Shannon Teacher
Kayce Slade Slade, Kayce
Amy Sloan Sloan, Amy Administrative Support Staff
Jeanna Smallwood Smallwood, Jeanna Teacher Aide Faculty
Kerry Smith Smith, Kerry Instructor Faculty
Kathy Stubbs Stubbs, Kathy Instructor Faculty
Office Substitute Substitute, Office
Kristina Taylor Taylor, Kristina Chief Financial Officer Administration, Adminstration
Deborah Thompson Thompson, Deborah Instructor Faculty
Sally Tolleson Tolleson, Sally Administrative Support Staff
Other User User, Other
Kevin Wall Wall, Kevin Instructor Faculty
Liana Walton Walton, Liana Instructor Faculty
Michele Walton Walton, Michele Instructor Faculty
Suzy Walton Walton, Suzy Teacher Faculty
James Watson Watson, James Instructor Faculty
Angie Westbrook Westbrook, Angie Instructor Faculty
Angela Westmoreland Westmoreland, Angela
Ryan Wetherington Wetherington, Ryan
Erin Wood Wood, Erin Instructor
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