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2018-2019 Key Calendar Dates


New Faculty Orientation                                                            August 1

Faculty Pre-Planning/Professional Development                 August 2, 3, and 6

First Day of School                                                                    August 7,  Noon Dismissal (No After School Program)

Labor Day Holiday                                                                     September 3

Homecoming                                                                             September 21

Fall Holiday for Students                                                         October 5, 8, and 9

Classes Resume                                                                       October 10

Faculty Professional Development Day                                November 12

Thanksgiving Holidays                                                            November 19-23

Classes Resume                                                                       November 26

Last Day of School, First Semester                                       December 18, Noon Dismissal

Faculty Professional Development Day                               December 18, Noon-4 pm

Christmas Holidays                                                                 December 19 - January 4

Faculty Professional Development Day                                  January 4

Classes Resume                                                                         January 7

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday                                                 January 21

Winter Break for Students & Faculty                                        February 14, 15, and 18

Classes Resume                                                                         February 19

Grandparents’ Day                                                                      March 1, Noon Dismissal (No After School Program)

Junior-Senior Prom                                                                    March 16

Spring Break                                                                                    March 25-29

Classes Resume                                                                             April 1

Baccalaureate                                                                                  May 16

Graduation                                                                                         May 17

Lower, Middle and Upper School Last Day of School                  May 23, Noon Dismissal (No After School Program)

Upper School Make Up Exams/Faculty Post Planning                May 24

Faculty Post Planning/Professional Development                        May 28, 29, and 30

December 2018
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