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Camp Westfield 2023


May 30th – June 2nd
1:00pm – 4:00pm


Mad Science $145  

Rising: 1st – 6th  

Summer scientists, this is the camp for you! Each day we will explore a new science topic. We will have lots of hands-on experiments, activities, and projects. Students will make their own snacks, but please have your camper bring a water bottle each day.

Sporty, Artsy, Fitness Fun Camp $145

Rising: K5 – 6th  

Like art? Like sports? Like games? Sporty, Artsy, and Fitness Fun Camp is the place to be! K-Ray and Coach Cheryl will have lots of exciting activities each day! We will have process art activities that will be really messy that Mama will not let you do at your house! Kids will be moving and grooving as they participate in obstacle courses, sports activities, and competitive games. Good fun, good music, and good times will be happening during this week! Bring a snack and a water bottle! Also, do not wear your Sunday best because activities may get a little messy or A LOT MESSY!

Bible Journaling $160

Rising: 5th – 8th  

Girls, start your summer off with a creative way to get into the Word, learn, and grow.  Bible Journaling is a creative response to the Word and transforms the way we engage with Scripture. We will focus on stories in the Bible that will encourage girls to be happy, healthy, and confident to become the beautiful person GOD made each girl to be.  All art materials will be supplied, and each girl will be provided with a Bible.

June 5th – June 8th
1:00pm – 4:00pm


Lego Adventures $125

Rising: PreK – 3rd  

Experience the wonderful world of Legos.  Campers will be engaged through hands-on STEAM Lego activities! We will create a Lego themed craft and have a “Master Builder” challenge daily! Be ready to build, explore, and create at this exciting camp.

2 Soul Sisters Art Camp $160

Rising: K5 – 6th

Calling all artists, big and small, to a week of art with Mrs. Ray and her sister! Yes, they are both Art Teachers and Sisters! Come join them on a creative journey of hands-on art making! You will listen to great music while enjoying fun art projects all week! You will be amazed at what you have created to take home after a week with these two talented sisters! So, bring those groovy shoes and your artsy moves for a week of artistic fun! Kids need to bring a water bottle and snack! Also, wear clothes that can get a little messy!

Basketball Camp for Boys and Girls $150

Rising: 2nd – 6th  

A fun yet focused time for basketball for girls and boy interested in improving their game. Participants will learn to improve ball handling, passing and catching skills as well as shooting fundamentals.  

Holiday Camp $145

Rising: 4th –  8th  

Come enjoy a week celebrating your favorite holidays of the year- Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, and Independence Day! There will be holiday themed games, snacks, crafts, activities, challenges, parties and even a white elephant gift exchange!

Storm Wrestling $125

Rising: 1st- 12th  

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced, this camp will change your game. We will work on fundamentals, focusing on technique, strength & conditioning, strategy and mental toughness.  

Softball $150

Rising: 2nd – 6th  

Learn softball fundamentals with Coach Ryan Wetherington. Softball instruction will focus on improving bat speed, making better contact and learning to hit with power. Defensively. Campers will learn to improve arm strength, throwing accuracy, fielding technique and defensive agility.  

June 12th – June 15th
9:30am – 12:30am


Baseball $150

Rising: K5 – 6th  

Learn the fundamentals of baseball with Coach Rob Fitzpatrick. This skill development camp will focus on teaching the proper way of playing, including throwing, catching, positional play, hitting, base running and pitching.

1:00pm – 4:00pm


Summer Sports $150

Rising: 3rd – 6th  

This is one camp your Hornet will not want to miss! We will have fun playing games such as Alfonzo ball, four square, dodgeball and line tag. Each day will consist of different games. This cap offers fun and action while focusing on team building, cooperation and sportsmanship.  

Girls Just Want to Have Fun $140

Rising: PreK – 5th  

Join us for a girls only week with all things that glitter and sparkle!  We will have spa time, dance parties, and so much more!  We will focus on good manners, positive attitudes, respect for others, and building each other up by learning about different princesses and American Girls! Oh girls, just want to have fun!

Home EC $160

Rising: 3rd – 6th  

Join us for a fun week learning basic life skills! We will learn hand sewing skills, make a pillow, kitchen safety, how to prepare and cook delicious recipes, table manners and more!

June 19th – 22nd
1:30pm – 4:30pm


Dino Camp $125

Rising: PreK – 1st  

Calling all dinosaur lovers—ready, set, roar! In this camp we will explore everything about dinosaurs. From dino egg hunts to fossil digs, dinosaur arts and crafts, toys and games, and outdoor dino water activities.

Crazy for Fitness $140

Rising: 3rd – Rising 6th  

“Crazy for Fitness Camp” with Coach Cheryl is happening this summer! Campers will participate in daily workouts that build strength, flexibility, and cardio endurance.  Campers will use a variety of equipment: punching bags, ropes, mini tramps, tires, scooters, jump ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, hurdles, and more!  Of course, we will play creative games designed to get your muscles moving and your blood pumping.  Do not miss out on this energy packed camp that is sure to improve your fitness while you have tons of fun!  Campers will need to bring their own snack and water bottle.

Soccer Camp $150

Rising: K5 – 8th

Soccer camp is a great way for students to the game and improve their soccer skills. This camp is for any skill level. The coaches will teach campers all the basic skills and rules needed to play, plus improve the seasoned player.  

Beginner Chess: How to beat your teacher at chess. $120

Rising: 1st – 11th  

Campers will build their foundational skills including learning about the pieces, openings, and how to move the pieces, special moves and the goals of the opening.  

July 10th – 13th
1:30pm – 4:30pm


Middle GA Gaming $150

Rising: 1st – 5th  

Middle Georgia Game Trailer brings your gamer the best video games on the newest consoles. Trained Game Coaches will guide new gamers in the right direction. Intermission activities will be scheduled periodically.  

Camp College $150

Rising: 11th – 12th  

Applying to college is an exciting but overwhelming experience for both students and parents. With so many requirements and deadlines to consider, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the process.

Camp College provides clarity of the college preparation and application process, giving students the resources, they need to succeed. With the tools and skills learned during the week, students will find the college preparation process much more manageable and will reduce both student and parent anxiety.

Camp College provides rising juniors and seniors the unique opportunity to learn about the college search, application, and selection process in an immersive college experience. Participants will learn about navigating the college application, essay writing, identifying college fit/match, financial aid, and much more.

Let’s Plan a Soiree! $125

Rising: 2nd – 6th  

Join our party planning team for a fun week of event design and hostess training as we put together a custom-designed soiree! We’ll design mood boards, create invitations, learn how to set the table, make finger foods, create a floral bouquet and host our very own high tea at the end of the week!

Football Camp $150

Rising: 1st – 3rd  

Learn the fundamentals of football with hands-on teaching. This camp will focus on teaching young athletes proper tackling technique, as well as other football and life skills. Boys should wear t-shirts, gym shorts. Cleats or tennis shoes and bring a water bottle and snack.  

Cheer Camp $150

Rising: 1st – 6th  

Shake your pom poms! Learn the real skills of a cheerleader such as motions, cheers, chants and jumps.  

July 24th – 27th
1:30pm – 4:30pm


Middle GA Gaming $150

Rising: 6th – 12th  

Middle Georgia Game Trailer brings your gamer the best video games on the newest consoles. Trained Game Coaches will advise new strategies, combos, and hints. Intermission activities will be scheduled periodically.  

Pokémon Camp $145

Rising: K5 – 5th  

Pokémon Trainers! We want to help you evolve to the next level, whether you’re new to the game or want to be the best there ever was. Join us for four days of Pokémon activities, crafts, games, and battles.  

Football Camp $150

Rising: 4th – 6th  

Expand on the fundamentals of football with hands on teaching and position specific training. This camp will incorporate proper tackling techniques along with character-based lessons. Instructs athletes the right way to play and how to avoid injuries. Boys should wear t-shirts, gym shorts. Cleats or tennis shoes and bring a water bottle and snack.

Space Camp $145

Rising: PreK – 3rd  

Blast off into outer space and explore the universe!  The sky is the limit this summer at Space camp. Join us for endless activities and out of this world fun.