NEW Hornets’ Nest Pavilion Brick Campaign

Donate a Brick, Leave a Legacy & Help Build a Bright Future

for Westfield Athletics

For more than 40 years, Westfield students, families, fans, faculty and staff have shown amazing dedication to our teams competing at the Hornets’ Nest. And now you have a chance to leave a permanent marker of support and help ensure a bright future for Hornets’ athletics as we embark on a fundraising campaign to build a new pavilion to serve the Hornets’ Nest teams and fans!

The new Hornets' Nest Pavilion will sit on the same location of the current concession/restroom area, however the existing structure will be completely remodeled and expanded to more than double the current size. The new pavilion will house a much more sophisticated kitchen and concession area, as well as new men's and women's restrooms. Construction of the new pavilion will begin in the summer of 2017.

We are asking families, alumni, and businesses to donate a brick, leave a legacy and help build the future of Hornets’ athletics. Your contribution will be forever memorialized and is a great way to:

  •  Show your family’s support

  •  Memorialize a loved one

  •  Honor a recent graduate

  •  Leave a legacy for your alumni class

  • Recognize a favorite teacher or coach

  • Commemorate a past or present team or a championship season

Brick/Paver Options:

Size                              Price                            Lines              Characters Per Line

         4x8” Brick                    $500                                  3                                  18

         8x8” Paver                    $5,000 (Includes 2 bricks)     6                                  18

         12x12” Paver                $10,000 (Includes 4 bricks)   10                                23

4x8” bricks will be installed in the walkway and entrance area to the pavilion.

8x8” and 12x12” pavers will have a prominent location on the interior breezeway walls.

Become a part of Westfield history and purchase your brick today!