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Middle School

Middle School

The Middle School at Westfield provides the students in grades six through eight with experiences and classroom settings to gently guide them from the structured Lower School environment to the responsibilities encountered with the full rotation of classes of the Upper School grades. Each grade level in Middle School provides a little more opportunity for the student to assume responsibility for himself in his academic surroundings. All of the programs and activities for the Middle School students serve to support the school’s mission. The curriculum included at these grade levels prepares the student for the college preparatory curriculum of the Upper School at Westfield.

The Middle School academic program is designed to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of adolescents and to encourage and assist in developing skills that will prepare them for transition to the Upper School. Curriculum materials are selected from various publishers to give a well-balanced and thorough preparation at each grade level.


In Grades 6-8, the students rotate through the following classes, meeting each enrichment class daily for one full grading period before moving to the next rotation.

  • Art
  • Music
  • Foreign Language
  • Technology
  • Christian Ethics
  • Physical Education (daily)

Each student is assigned to a one-period study hall.


English/Language Arts


Earth Science

World Cultures


English/Language Arts


Life Science

Survey of the Bible


English/Language Arts

Pre-Algebra or Algebra I or Honors Algebra

Physical Science

U.S. History

summer camps