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Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid

Tuition Schedule for 2023-2024

Grade Level               Annual Fee               Monthly

Pre-K (1/2 day)               $6,432                             $536

Pre-K (full day)                $7,632                             $636

Kindergarten                   $8,640                             $720

Grades 1 - 5                     $11,664                          $972

Grades 6 - 8                     $11,976                          $998

Grade 9 - 12                     $12,072                          $1,006

The first $1,000 paid in tuition is considered a non-refundable Registration Fee.

Tuition includes the following:
  • The cost of textbooks, technology, consumable educational materials such as workbooks, spelling books, readers.
  • A student athletic pass for all home games in every sport (with the exception of playoff games).
  • A yearbook for each family. Additional yearbooks may be ordered and purchased.
  • Grades 6-8: one (1) school-issued physical education uniform (others may be purchased for a minimal price).
  • Grades 9, 10 and 11: the cost of the PSAT (preliminary SAT).
Tuition does not include the following:
  • Grades Pre-K through 12: typical school supplies such as notebook paper, pencils, etc.
  • Grades Pre-K through 12: school pictures, charter bus fees (for some field trips), and any overnight field trip expenses.
  • School Lunch/Cafeteria Meal plan
  • Daily transportation to and from school (Bus Transportation program)
  • Athletic Participation Fees (approximately $25 - $150 depending on activity and level of MS, JV, or Varsity)
  • Fees for Advanced Placement Exams and SAT/ACT tests (Upper School students only)
Tuition Refund Insurance

The Westfield School plans, budgets and contracts for services for the academic year in advance of student matriculation, therefore, the enrollment contract obligates families for the full amount of tuition and fees for the year, whether or not students are dismissed, withdraw or do not attend. Tuition Refund Insurance, through the services of A.W.G. Dewar Inc., is a service to families to assist them in meeting their contractual obligations to The Westfield School. The program insures fees (prepaid and due) in the event of separation from the school after actual enrollment has begun and the student has attended 14 consecutive calendar days of school.

Tuition Refund Insurance is required of new families and will be billed in three monthly installments. The annual premium is 2.2% of paid tuition. Any questions regarding the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan should be directed to Ms. Kris Taylor, CFO, at 478-987-0547 ext. 227 or by email

Financial Aid/Georgia GOAL

The Westfield School offers a Financial Aid Program which provides need-based financial assistance.  The program is intended to assist those families who desire a Westfield education but might have difficulty with tuition costs.  Westfield is also a participant in the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program which provides tuition assistance on a needs basis to students who are enrolling in Pre-K, Kindergarten, or First Grade, or who are transferring from a Georgia public school.  Students new to Westfield may apply for financial aid after they submit an application for admission to the school.  No full tuition aid is available.  All information, including the names of families seeking and receiving assistance, is kept strictly confidential.  Financial aid requests should be made to Ms. Kris Taylor, Chief Financial Officer,

Decisions on the financial aid applications (including Georgia GOAL) are made following the submission of a Parents’ Financial Statement (which includes a copy of your most recent IRS 1040, W-2s, and application) to FACTS, and the subsequent report received by the school.  Financial aid applications may be made following the student’s acceptance for admission to Westfield.   In case of separation or divorce, both parents must complete a Parents’ Financial Statement and submit the appropriate tax information.  Financial aid awards are made based on demonstrated need and the availability of funds. Please note that our financial aid dollars are very limited, especially in grades in which enrollment is at or near full capacity.  Parents of all students who receive financial aid must apply for financial aid each year.

Additional Fees

New Family Fee -- $300 per Family
Families who have not had children enrolled in The Westfield School prior to the 2022-2023 school term will be required to pay a New Family Fee. This one-time fee is payable at the time of registration, or may be billed monthly. This fee is waived for parents who are alumni of Westfield, Beechwood, or Baker.


Families may choose one of three plans for the payment of tuition.

Annual – with 2.5% discount (one time payment due March 15, 2023, or within 10 days of enrollment contract)

Semi Annual – with 1.25% discount (50% due by March 15, 2023 or within 10 days of contract issue and 50% due by August 1, 2023

Monthly – Twelve equal monthly payments (March 2023 - February 2024)

The first $1,000 paid in tuition is considered a non-refundable Registration Fee.

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