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SAT® and College Admissions Information

The College Board® has asked colleges to extend deadlines for receiving test scores and to equally consider students for admission who are unable to take the test due to COVID-19. We are asking member colleges to provide flexibility to students in three ways:

Accepting scores as late as possible in their process, especially by extending score deadlines for early action and early decision to take some pressure off students and give them more time to test and send their scores.

Equally considering students for admission who are unable to take the test due to COVID-19 as those who submitted scores. (The College Board® will keep colleges up to date on testing availability).

Recognizing that students who do submit scores may not have been able to test more than once. (e.g., taking into account that students who tested as high school juniors but who could not as seniors would have likely achieved score gains).

And it's more important than ever to pay close attention to the context in which all students live and learn as they make admissions decisions.


ACT is offering Standby for the September test date at no cost. You can find more information about Standby testing here:

Unfortunately, it’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us into the fall. This means continued limitations in test center capacity and inevitable cancellations throughout the remainder of our 2020 test dates. To the best of our ability, class of 2020 and 2021 seniors have been placed in seats at sites that are currently open. While the test centers you’ll see listed on MyACT are currently open for testing on the date noted, your registration could change as ACT and test center staff monitor changes in local COVID-19 conditions and adhere to CDC guidelines. 

To plan for these realities, we are doing everything we can to secure additional space for students who will need more options. In addition to the changes we’ve already made to add more capacity (opening up our Sunday testing to all students and adding new test dates in September and October), here are a few more examples of what we’re working on: 

Pop-up sites in areas most affected by cancellations.  

Partnering with commercial testing companies to share their already-existing space within your communities. 

Working with state Boards of Regents, colleges, and universities to help them administer “On-Campus Testing” for their students.

Working with school districts to help them become an ACT test site for their students (these are called unlisted test centers and are not available on MyACT).   

“National or State/District Administration” means an administration of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) by the College Board or the American College Test (ACT) by ACT Inc., respectively, on one of the regularly scheduled test dates in the United States or internationally. An administration of the SAT through the College Board’s SAT On-Campus Program or an administration of the ACT Residual Test is not considered to be a National Administration for purposes of these regulations.


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