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Our Program

The Westfield School encourages students to participate in athletic activities as part of their school experience.  More than 80 percent of our Middle and Upper School students are involved in athletic and/or other extracurricular activities.  Our student athletes represent the best of Westfield when they take the field and deserve our support and positive encouragement at each game.  When visiting The Westfield School, you will discover that our school spirit is a strong and proud tradition.  Students, administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and the families of Westfield all join together to celebrate athletic competitions.  Athletic events are family affairs with several generations of Hornets cheering on the current teams.Athletics is an integral part of the overall educational experience at The Westfield School. Even though success is measured on a scoreboard, the belief at Westfield is many life lessons can be learned through athletic competition. Sportsmanship, leadership, camaraderie, hard work, time management, moral character, self-discipline, and Christian values are valuable lessons taught within the athletic experience at Westfield.

     Westfield is an interscholastic member of the Georgia Independent Athletic Association (GIAA) and competes in its highest classification. Westfield students participate in 13 different sports and field teams at the varsity, junior varsity, and middle school levels. Westfield also offers football and cheerleading at the youth level. 
    The accomplishments of our athletic teams and the quality of our athletic facilities are a direct result of the leadership of our athletic department, the dedication and skill of our coaches, and the cooperation of the teachers and families who all work together to promote the athletic programs of Westfield.  Parent volunteers in the Westfield Booster Club and the Westfield Family Organization provide countless hours of time and talent for the benefit of our student  athletes.  Their efforts make a difference in the quality of our athletic program.  

Sports Offered

Cross Country - Middle School/JV and Varsity
Softball - Middle School, B-Team, and Varsity
Football - Lower School, Middle School, JV, and Varsity
Cheerleading - Lower School, Middle School, JV, and Varsity
Clay Target Shooting - JV and Varsity
Basketball - Lower School, Middle School, JV, and Varsity
Wrestling -Middle School and Varsity
Swimming - Middle School and Varsity
Tennis - Middle School and Varsity
Baseball - Middle School, JV, Varsity
Soccer - Middle School and Varsity
Golf - Varsity
Track & Field- Middle School and Varsity