Cafeteria Meal Plan

Cafeteria Meal Plan

Meal Plan Registration Form

Westfield agrees to supply the undersigned with meals purchased during the 2023-2024 school year in accordance with the meal plan contract.  

1.  Students may enroll in the meal plan at any time, however, they may only opt out at the end of a semester.

2  Meal plans are not transferable; only the OWNER is privileged to use the meal plan.

3. NO REFUNDS for missed meals.

4. Payment is due at sign up or will be billed over ten months to your child’s account beginning August 1, 2023.

5. Once a meal plan is purchased, the sale is FINAL. Prorated refunds will be issued only after official withdrawal from the school.

The total cost shown is the monthly amount which will be charged to my Westfield account each month from August 2023 until May 2024.  I understand and agree to the above rules.