50th Anniversary Book

50th Anniversary Book

Commemorating Westfield’s fiftieth anniversary and written and published by The Storyline Group, The Westfield School: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence tells the full story of how “the Westfield family” began and has continued its mission for over five decades.


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The Westfield School: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

Drawing on the school’s archives, yearbooks, and local newspapers articles, as well as over forty interviews with former headmasters, Board members, teachers, and students, the pages contain the definitive account of a mission that remains true today in providing a premiere college preparatory education within a Christian environment.

Throughout this coffee table-style book, an undeniable picture emerges of a special place that has served to prepare generations of happy and successful adults, a place in which values have always come first—and by the book’s end, every reader will understand why fifty years of Westfield is indeed worth celebrating. 

The price of the book is $50. Your purchase helps cover the cost of publishing and printing.