About us


On behalf of the entire school community, welcome to Westfield. We appreciate your interest in our school and sincerely hope our website can help you glimpse the challenging academic environment, nurturing atmosphere, and wonderful experience that make Westfield a great choice for your child’s education.

Westfield is an outstanding college preparatory school that provides a host of academic, fine arts, and athletic programs in a Christian environment. A visit to the school campus reveals the warm and friendly atmosphere where all are welcomed. Our school community holds high expectations and pursues excellence regarding the quality and nature of the Westfield experience. A community of parents, faculty, alumni, Board members, special friends, and administrators unequivocally encourages a school environment that promotes the highest standards of integrity and character.

We further desire to instill a love of learning through meaningful educational activities that build upon the natural curiosity of children. Our dedicated faculty provides instruction and curriculum that inspire students to think and learn within a global context. The Westfield School guides students to lead healthy, purposeful lives in which each child can properly balance intellectual, spiritual, and physical pursuits. Our supportive and committed parents alongside a talented faculty nurture, mentor, and send our incredible students into the world fully equipped for life’s challenges.

Again, thank you for your interest in Westfield. We look forward to meeting you!


William Carroll
Head of School