The Learning Center

The Learning Center


The mission of the Westfield Learning Center is to support classroom instruction by developing and implementing quality academic support tailored to each student’s unique learning needs while preparing them for future academic success.

We believe in the equal worth and dignity of our students and WLC’s primary objective is to offer students with a demonstrated need, an opportunity to reach their maximum potential.  


The Westfield Learning Center was created to extend additional educational and support services to students with mild diagnosed learning differences and attention problems.

The goal of the WLC is to equip those students with the learning strategies necessary to be academically successful within Westfield’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Our priority is to provide leadership, guidance, confidence, and support that will maximize learning for students.

The WLC program serves students by:

  • Managing testing accommodations
  • Teaching study skills and test-taking strategies
  • Structuring study time
  • Maintaining communication with classroom teachers
  • Working with classroom teachers to provide accommodations
  • Providing updates to parents
  • Interpreting education evaluations for parents and teachers


Students may be referred to the Learning Center by division directors, teachers, and the guidance office. New students may enroll in the Learning Center by recommendation of the Admissions Office.

Parents may refer a student by contacting the Director of the Learning Center. These services are offered in support of and parallel to regular classroom tutorials.

Westfield provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students identified with specific learning differences. The Individualized Progress Plan for students will list the accommodations and will be reviewed periodically with teachers and parents to provide an updated educational outlook.

*Students in grades 3-12 who qualify for the services are required to maintain current psycho-educational testing, which must be updated every three (3) years. A copy of the report must be kept on file with the learning center’s director.